Kinco 9084KWP HydroFlector™ Wanoga™ Lined Water-Resistant Premium Grain Snowboard Gloves

Size: L


  • Golden premium aquaHIDE™ water-resistant full grain buffalo protects the hand with excellent abrasion & puncture resistance, & provides superior durability
  • Neoprene padded back-of-hand protection helps to guard against bumps & abrasions
  • Omni-Cuff™ design allows the adjoining wrist material to be worn outside or inside the glove, giving the user the ability to better regulate their body temperature
  • Comfortable, form-fitting polyester & elastic knit wrist at pulse-point, helps to retain warmth where heat often escapes the body, & prevents debris from infiltrating the glove
  • Reinforcement leather pull-tab added to knit wrist helps to reduce stress on the cuff seams & avoids stretching the knit when pulling gloves on & off
  • Double shirred elastic tightens the shell material to the shape of the hand above the widening of the palm & provides an additional preventative measure to block particles from further entering the glove
  • Angled wing thumb design, which is seamless between the palm & thumb, offers additional flexibility & comfort
  • High-performance signature Heatkeep® thermal insulation laminated to a soft TR2 inner lining, provides superior heat-retention by trapping heat, repelling the cold, & wicking away moisture
  • Fourchette finger design allows for the natural extension & contraction of finger movement
  • Pairing buckle keeps gloves together when not in use
  • Glove leash cords secure gloves to wrists to ensure that gloves remain readily available if temporarily removed

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