BerlinWood Candy Psyfly Wide Low FingerBoard Deck

Size: 32mm


Creating the first small wooden fingerboards, Timo Lieben from Berlin did great pioneerwork in 2002. He has provided the young fingerboard scene, which had been used to plastic boards up to that time, with the first usable wooden fingerboards.

Get yourself the the miniature skate promodel "Candy Psyfly" of our rad skate team rider Candy Jacobs. BerlinWood fingerboard decks are definitely an option to look for whether you are a beginner, advanced or professional fingerboarder. A piece of Riptape is already included to get you started right away.

For the best possible performance the nose and tail of Berlinwood fingerboards have different lengths and angles like professional skateboards.

  • BerlinWood Deck
  • BerlinWood RipTape
  • Stickers


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