eS Swift Skateboard Shoe - Black

Size: M 8 / W 9.5


eS Swift Skateboard Shoe

Introducing a new eS Model, the Swift. Inspired by the earlier classic eS designs with clean lines, flow, and functoin. Great durability and comfort all wrapped in a beautiful looking shoe that is built to take your skating to new levels.


  • Part of the S-Series: The most advanced innovative collection of eS footwear that combines form and function with a strong focus on performance
  • STI open cell foam for foot contact, board feel, cushioning, and control
  • Natural rubber outsole design for maximum grip and flexibility
  • Premium Suede Upper: High quality suede made for skateboarding. Perforated suede quarter panel
  • Minimal material for maximum board control
  • 400 NBS gum rubber outsole to last longer
  • One piece toe design to last longer
  • Thermothane™ Ollie pad for greater abrasion protection

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