Exodus Spartan II Wide 32mm Fingerboard Trucks - Red

Size: 32mm


Exodus Spartan Wide Fingerboard Trucks

The Spartan wide fingerboard trucks are your standard fingerboard trucks like Dump Trucks, Bollie trucks, or Broken Knuckle trucks, With the exception they have a 32mm axle to suite the more common wider fingerboards as well as come pre-assembled with better tuning as well as an extra set of tuning bushings and washers. For those that don't know the tuning bushings and washers really let you customize the maneuverability and feel of your board whether you like them rock solid or sloppy loose you can tune these trucks exactly how you like them.

  • Set of 32mm Trucks
  • Assembled w/ tuning bushings and washers
  • 4 axle spacers
  • 2 kingpin lock nuts and 4 axle nuts
  • 8 mounting screws
  • Tool included

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