Loaded Tesseract Longboard Deck



Loaded Tesseract Longboard Deck

Stash the quiver, clear your mind, and let the Tesseract be your versatile companion in the quest for four-wheeled illumination. The Tesseract integrates rocker, wheel well flares, W concave, and multiple wheelbase options into a lightweight package designed for big mountain roads, high speeds, snappy slides, lofty ollies, and techy manual combos. Escape the three-dimensional confines of contemporary skateboarding and embrace the fourth dimension.

Length: 39”
Width: 9.5”
Wheelbase: 24.5” and 26”
Nose & Tail: 7.25” (tip to inner bolt on 24.5” wheelbase)
Concave: 0.30” (at W peak), 0.39” / 0.99 cm (at W trough)
Rocker: 0.33”
Wedging angle: 3.5°
Weight: 4.8 lbs

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