Ytrucks X5 Fingerboard Trucks - Chrome/Green

Size: 34mm


The 34mm X5 Fingerboard Trucks are Yellowood's stage 5 design. Making a new mold size 34MM and improving the stress points from our previous versions, make the X5 the most advanced truck to date. Stainless steel axle has longer thread to accommodate a larger variety of wheels without wobble. These wider trucks also have a lower center of gravity making your setup more stable on the pop, grind and landing. Take your Fingerboarding to next level!! Include:s 2 complete trucks, 8 Torx screws, 4 Autoblock V2 Locknuts, Ykey II tool, and stickers.

  • Lightweight
  • Extra resistent
  • AutoBlock V2 Locknuts
  • Vitton bushings
  • Low maintenance
  • Advance design
  • Fit all wheels

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