Abstract 105A Conical Swirl Urethane Fingerboard Wheels - Yellow/Black



Abstract bringing you a Premium medium hardness real urethane single bearing fingerboard wheel. Its an all around performance urethane with the best slip to grip ratio and the most desired conical shape. At 8.25mm they are on the bigger side which give you a little more pop. These wheels are also super smooth and skrrt like your ripping a concrete pool!

  • 105A Urethane
  • 8.1mm  X 5mm
  • Conical shape
  • Realistic Squeak
  • Hand made in the USA

Compatible with Blackriver, Exodus, Tech Deck, Ytrucks(spacers recommended), and every other fingerboard truck we know of.

*Abstract wheels are hand made real urethane fingerboard wheels and though they are top quality like other urethane fingerboard wheels may be rough on one side of the wheel. This is considered normal and will by no means effect the function, longevity or pleasure of shredding!

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