Exodus Stage II Fingerboard Trucks - Silver

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Size: 34mm

Exodus Stage II Fingerboard Trucks

The Exodus Stage II Fingerboard Trucks are here to bridge the gap between expensive and run of the mill fingerboard Trucks. A sleek new design that features a single 32mm axle(no need for spacers) and compatible with both single and dual bearing wheels. Last but not least all Exodus Stage II trucks include a set of real urethane molded Beta Bushings from Level Up. These bushings are perfect for loose-medium riding(the only type that should exist!). Pictured with our recommended tuning setup, Small Washer on Bottom → Barrel Bushing → Truck → Cone Bushing → Locknut. This configuration allows for ideal loose-medium feel with proper spacing on the kingpin but everyone has their own preferences so set them up however you want!

  • Set of 32mm Trucks assembled w/ oring bushings and washers
  • Complete set of Level Up Beta Bushings!
  • 4 axle lock nuts/2 kingpin lock nut
  • 8 mounting screws
  • Fingerboard tool

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