FP Lizard King Kingfoam Elite Hi-Profile Moldable Insoles

Size: S


These are the insoles Jaws used to ollie the Lyon 25 stair and set the record for the most stairs ollied in the history of skateboarding. Soft and flexible for maximum board feel yet absorbing mega amounts of energy upon impact, this same nanotech material is used by NASA.

  • 5mm toe to 10mm heel
  • Advanced model includes internal Moldable heel cup and blunt trauma protection
  • Excellent updated stability
  • Place in normal oven at 100F for 5 minutes
  • Insert into the shoe and walk until the temperature has cooled down
  • Custom heel cup cradles the heel and disperses energy away from the center of the heel, further reducing heel bruise
  • Absorbs over 90% of shock energy in astim f1614 lab test

    Recommended for:

    • High Arch
    • Mid Arch

    Compatible with:

    • All Foot Types

    US Men's Sizing:

    • Small - 5-10.5
    • Large - 9-14

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