Maple 65D Shark Wheel Fingerboard Wheels - Red



This innovative fingerboard wheel shape is based on the original Shark Wheel, designed by David Patrick from California.

Maple Wheels is excited to be able to collaborate with Shark Wheel to bring you, for the first time, this exciting design to the fingerboard community. 

“Rather than a traditional circular shape, the Shark Wheel is a hybrid of a sphere and cube taking on the properties of both shapes while in motion. It has been touted as the reinvention of the wheel by various news outlets. The wheels appear to be square, but roll smoothly like conventional wheels.”


 Size diameter: 8.7mm

 Size width: 6mm

 Material: urethane

 Durometer: 65D

 Abec 9 bearings

 Bearings locked

 Compatible with BRT's, Dynamics and other trucks

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