OJ 101a/95a Double Duro Prototype Mini Combo Skateboard Wheels - White

Size: 53mm


Double Duros are a new approach to wheel design and manufacturing from OJ Wheels featuring a 101a outer durometer wrapped around a 95a inner durometer. Ditch the quiver! Double Duros combine the benefits of our best 101a and 95a formulas, proven to absorb rugged terrain while providing the speed and slide of 101a urethane. No more bumpy roll. The built-in suspension of true, high performance 95a urethane rolls smooth on the roughest spots. Make 'em bark! 101a outer urethane rolls fast and slides loud so your tricks turn heads. The perfect wheel for an imperfect world. The blend of our best formulas gives you a roll like no other and makes impossible terrain work. Double or Nothing. OJ Wheels Double Duro Prototypes feature high performance 101a and 95a formulas, precision cut into OJ's versatile Mini Combo shape. Mini Combos feature a wide road surface for stability and consistent slide and an asymmetrical shape, cut with a round back and conical front for customizing your set up. 

  • Set of 4 Wheels

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