OJ From Axel Cuysbergh's Axel Crusher Hardline 101A Skateboard Wheels

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Size: 56mm

High Speed Guaranteed! Flying out the lab to the streets and beyond, Elite Urethane guarantees more speed, a longer lasting roll, and more importantly hands down epic times with your crew. If you're a skateboarder, you seek more speed. If you want more speed you're gonna want to ride Elite. Axel Cruysbergh's "Axel Crusher" Elite pro wheel comes on OJ's NEW and updated Hard-Line shape. Hard-Line is OJ's all terrain skatepark shape. The NEW Elite Hardline feature the widest riding surface out and a razor sharp, conical edge for even more control on slides and super resistance against flat spots. Fastest urethane out and a graphic by Ed Templeton? You know these Eric #PROJs are gonna go quick.





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