Shark Wheel Tiki Longboard Complete

Sale price$219.95

Tiki Drop Down Longboard

Comes with 72mm DNA Shark Wheels.  MADE IN USA.

The Tiki Drop Down Longboard has a low center of gravity with its drop down design. Effortlessly push, pump and carve your way most anywhere with the 72mm DNA wheels to guide you. Made of the highest quality Canadian Maple, the Tiki Drop Down is a top of the food chain setup.

  • 72mm, 78a Shark Wheel DNA Wheels
  • Shiver 180mm reverse kingpin trucks with reversible hangar 
  • Shiver Abec 9 built-in spacer bearings 
  • Black and gray grit grip tape
  • Perfect concave & flex
  • 39'' x 10'' Maple board

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