Tech Deck Fingerboard Build A Ramp - Flat Ramp To Rail

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The Build-A-Park set includes everything you need to build an awesome custom park for you to test your fingerboarding skills — including a bank and quarter pipe! Add more Build-A-Park sets (each sold separately) to create your ultimate skate park. Includes: 1 Connection Box, 1 Large Ramp, 1 Rail, 1 Small Ramp, 1 Small Ramp, 4 Connectors*COLORS MAY VARY
  • Customize your park by building it your way and adding additional Build-A-Park sets (each sold separately).
  • Use the Build-A-Park with your Tech Deck fingerboard collections or Tech Deck BMX.
  • Learn new tricks & tips from and become a pro in no time!
  • Tech Deck Build-A-Park is for skate-lovers ages 6+. No batteries required.

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