Tech Deck Pro Series Daily Grind Pack

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Introducing out the most pro level obstacles for your fingerboards that Tech Deck has ever made with the Pro Series, Daily Grind Pack. With 3 obstacles included, take your fingerboard skateboards and bike sets to a whole new level. Jump the jersey barrier, grind the real wood fun box and stall on the solid metal grind rail. Mix and match these obstacles to take your Tech Deck skatepark to new heights. All the feeling and sounds of real skateboarding, right at your fingertips. Made to last during your heaviest sessions and pairs perfectly with the Pro Series Boards. (sold separately). Each pro fingerboard is made with premium material such as 5 ply wooden decks and polished metal trucks to take your Tech Deck collection pro with real skateboard graphics. Are you ready to go pro? There are tons of Decks, toy figures & playsets to collect! Ride, flip, and grind with Tech Deck fingerboards from real skate companies! Tech Deck mini skateboards for fingers and ramp sets make the perfect gift for girls toys age 6-8 who love small toys and cool toys. This can also make an alternative to toy cars as a boys toys age 6-8 item. Start small and go big with Tech Deck.

  • 3-PACK PRO SERIES OBSTACLES: Enjoy the triple threat of premium obstacles with the real wooden funbox, solid metal grind rail and serious jersey barrier to expand and develop your finger board skills.
  • REAL SKATEBOARD FEEL: The Tech Deck Daily Grind Pack is made to last during the heaviest sessions for hours of fun and practice. All the feeling and sounds of skateboarding at your fingertips.
  • NEW WAYS TO PLAY: Grind, hop and stall your way on these pro level obstacles. Configure new set ups and find out if you are ready to go pro.
  • BECOME A TECH DECK PRO: Level up your fingerboard obstacles with the Tech Deck Pro Series Boards and other Decks for new ways to play and progress.
  • COLLECT THEM ALL: Great toys for boys or toys for girls and gifts for kids that love collectibles, toy figures & playsets, or mini skateboards. Great Christmas gift, or birthday gifts ages 6 and up!
  • Includes: 1 Metal Grind Rail, 1 Wood Funbox, 1 Jersey Barrier

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